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I Made the FedEx Lady Cry Yesterday…

I made the FedEx lady cry yesterday.

All I did was say “Happy Holidays…”

This is what happened. I work from home most mornings, and yesterday was no exception. Around mid-morning, my “associates” started to bark like crazy, so I went outside to see what the commotion was.

Anyway, the FedEx lady was outside trying to carry a heavy box, and I smiled and said: “Happy Holidays; let me take that for you”. And then the tears came.

She said: “I just want you to know that I have had some really tough days lately, and then I show up at your house, and see your smiling face, and it completely changes everything.” And then she sobbed.

This caught me off guard b/c I had no idea she even registered my occasional greetings. It also reminded me of how much our demeanor and greetings affect others without us realizing it.

Anyway – this is just another reminder to share a few more smiles and friendly greetings; they affect people a lot more than we realize.

P.S. Heejin says my golden-retriever-friendliness can be annoying, and that she loves today’s blog, but I am still annoying. :)

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