Team Building – Freedom, Profits AND CLIENT EXPERIENCE; Awesome Testimonial

We constantly tout the need for effective team building as a necessity for all leaders and business owners. Hiring team members to do every task better than you can is the only way to expand free time and profits and to enhance service levels. In fact, we are planning a huge Lunch & Learn in […]Read More

Need Assembly Line for Effective Team; Bottlenecks Alleviated

This was a “Kudos” sent to our entire office last week: “We are so lucky to have Beau as our appraisal manager. Besides ordering and reviewing appraisals and conditions, he also communicates with the realtors when there are issues. This releases so much burden from the processing team. Our Closing Specialists therefore get more time […]Read More

Team Building Done Right; Safety, Purpose, Fun, and Tahoe

We take enormous pride in our team building at JVM, and it is one of the reasons our service levels are extraordinary. Everyone backs each other up, and nobody gets stuck in their “silos.” Internally, we do this by making sure everyone knows JVM’s primary purpose – closing loans as efficiently and friendly as possible. […]Read More

Mistakes Are OK, But Not Indecision; Key Understanding For Team

Rick Cunningham is the owner or co-owner of fifteen Keller Williams offices and an expert at team-building – something that Keller Williams puts a huge emphasis on. Rick spoke at our recent Lunch & Learn and one of his quotes really stuck with us: “I can live with mistakes, but not indecision.” He tells all […]Read More