We No Longer Tout “Tax Benefits” From Buying; We Do Tout Inflation Hedge, Equity Building

WE NO LONGER EXPLAIN TAX BENEFITS Prior to the recent tax law change, we carefully explained the tax benefits from buying real estate to every borrower. This, however, is a reminder that we no longer tout tax benefits b/c the Standard Deductions for every taxpayer are now so large that few buyers enjoy significant tax […]Read More

Realizing Tax Benefits From Buying Now By Increasing Exemptions

Many lenders and Realtors tout the tax benefits from buying a home b/c buyers can deduct their interest and property taxes from their income after they buy. For buyers in high tax brackets these tax savings can work out to be over $1,000 per month in high end markets. This is a very important consideration […]Read More

Tax Benefits From Buying Explained Again

The CFPB forbids mortgage advisors from giving “income tax advice” for good reason. Income tax issues can be very complex, and mortgage advisors/loan officers simply lack the required training. Interestingly, we often see tax advisors giving “mortgage advice”, despite the extreme complexity of the mortgage world. Despite the above, we do like to point out […]Read More

Tax Benefits/Take-Home Pay Adjustments to Offset Higher Housing Payment

We have many renters buying homes for the first time. These renters are often conservative “savers” with tight budgets, insisting that their future housing payment remain close to their current rental payment. These renters often fail to understand however that they can take advantage of the income tax benefits from home-ownership immediately after buying. They […]Read More