How Much is an “In-Law” Unit Worth? Interior Access; Less Than You Think

REALTOR MISSES VALUE OF HIS OWN HOME BY $500,000 Years ago I was refinancing a Realtor who insisted his remodeled 3,700 square foot home was worth at least $1.5 million. I was therefore shocked to see the appraisal come in under $1 million. I reviewed the appraisal and quickly realized why it was so low. […]Read More

Unpermitted Kitchens Need to Become Wet Bars (Yank Out Stove)

We have a purchase involving a full un-permitted kitchen in a basement area. We instructed the Realtor to simply remove the stove before the appraiser arrives and call the area a “really nice wet bar” with a refrigerator, lots of cabinetry, large counters, and a big gap where the stove used to be. I am […]Read More