JVM Lending is currently unable to accept new refinance applications because we have exceeded our loan volume capacity limit and are unable to process new refinance loans until our current pipeline is cleared.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. However, we are still accepting new home purchase applications, as we still have capacity in our purchase division.


Purchase Applications Hit 11 Year High; Refis = 63% of Volume

The Mortgage Bankers Association surveys multiple mortgage banks every week and then releases all of the data. The most recent survey, discussed in this National Mortgage News article, is particularly interesting. Here is just some of the data: Purchase applications are at an 11 year high. Refi applications are 106% higher than last year at […]Read More

Mortgage Rates Barely Move; Hell Actually Breaks Loose; Fed Cuts Rates to Zero

FED CUTS FED FUNDS RATE TO ZERO; $700 BILLION IN QUANTITATIVE EASING In a shocking and surprise weekend move, the Fed cut the Fed Funds Rate to 0% yesterday – which may or may not have moved mortgage rates for reasons I explain often (cuts in short-term interbank borrowing rates don’t often translate to cuts […]Read More

Do Borrowers Get to “Skip” a Payment When They Refinance? Purchase?

NO COST DOES NOT MEAN NO “CASH TO CLOSE” Almost all of our refinances are “no cost” loans, meaning that we, as a lender, cover all of the “non-recurring closing costs” (title, escrow, appraisal, underwriting, etc.) with our commission or rebate. Borrowers often get confused though b/c they interpret “no cost” as “no cash to […]Read More

What Ever Happened to Shadow Inventory? Gov’t Policy Worked?

For years after the foreclosure crisis of 2008 and 2009, everyone expected a huge surge of “shadow inventory” properties to flood the market. This never happened, and will likely not happen. Shadow Inventory includes all the properties held by banks after foreclosures, properties with pending foreclosures b/c of late payments or no equity, and properties […]Read More

As Values Climb, Refi’s for Many Now an Option

We have a borrower who has been stuck with a 6.5% interest rate for years b/c he thought he did not have enough equity in his Antioch home to refi. We checked today, and his loan-to-value ratio is under 90%; we can lower his rate 2% at no cost to him. He will now save […]Read More