Mortgage Process About Experience, Not Just Closing; Need Pandas!

Please read the below email we received from a borrower yesterday. It is unedited, unsolicited, and not unusual. We get emails like this every day. At JVM, we market our speed so much that we sometimes forget to highlight the fact that we also foster the best “experience” in the industry with our systems, responsiveness, […]Read More

2nd “Wave” of Foreclosures; Gift Funds Again

1 million foreclosures are expected this year in the so-called “2nd wave”. This one is supposedly caused by unemployment and it involves more “A Paper” loans instead of “sub prime”, but it remains our observation that it is “negative equity” that sparks the most foreclosures. The upside to all the foreclosures: All of these houses […]Read More

Sources of Funds for Mortgages – ALL Are Necessary

It is important to understand that there are multiple channels for mortgages, and access to ALL of them is essential. HARD MONEY: These are pools of money primarily from private investors. They focus mostly on investment properties. They also focus on equity (LTVs), over and above a borrower’s credit quality. PORTFOLIO LENDERS: These are lenders […]Read More