Calling Listing Agents; From 2nd to 1st; What We Tout

Some of our selling agents have us call the listing agent every time they make an offer. They do this b/c it works. The effectiveness of listing agent calls was illuminated again this week when our phone call pushed our offer from a solid 2nd place to a rock solid 1st place, and we’re now […]Read More

College Is Hardly Necessary For Success; Calling Listing Agents

After sending out Monday’s Comments discussing how we use college as a screening tool at JVM, I received the following comical email: “None of these dudes qualify to work at JVM??”   Richard Branson – CEO of Virgin Group… Bill Gates – Former Microsoft CEO… Micky Arison – CEO of Carnival… Mark Zuckerberg – CEO […]Read More

Appraisal Horror Story That Could Have Been Avoided Easily

Our top producing realtors take appraisals very seriously. They zealously ensure inspection dates are set promptly, and they often show up to meet the appraiser whether they are listing or selling agents. They often show up with comps in hand and a friendly smile even if there is a lock-box at the house or a […]Read More