Please Note: JVM Lending is temporarily unable to accept new refinance applications. We have met our maximum loan volume capacity and are unable to process additional applications without sacrificing the 5-star experience to which our valued clients are accustomed. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

We are still accepting new home purchase applications, and still have capacity in our purchase loan division.


The Scary Thing About FHA Interest Rates

WHY WE LOVE FHA I blog often about why we love FHA financing so much: (1) Speed – we can close in 14 days. (2) Flexibility – in regard to credit and debt ratios. (3) Low down payment – 3.5%. (4) Condition – properties can be purchased “as is, and no Section I clearance is […]Read More

Seller Credits for Closing Costs

Remember that at most lenders, we can use Seller Credits for Nonrecurring and Recurring Closing Costs (this includes Impound Accounts). Closing Cost Credits can be up to 9% of the purchase price if the LTV is 75% or less (for conventional loans). FHA still allows 6% seller credits, even if the LTV is 96.5%. Investment […]Read More