Borrowers Should Postpone Vacations During Short Escrow Periods

We have a surprisingly large number of borrowers who use our fast closing periods to get their offers accepted, but then somewhat cavalierly wander off on vacation after their contract is ratified :). This makes it all but impossible for us to close on time if we have an escrow period under 21 days. Hence, […]Read More

Importance of Escrow Post TRID w/ Fast Close

We like to push JVM’s super-fast closing periods as a major selling point for buyers, as most people know. Our fast escrow periods and airtight pre-approvals make financed purchases equivalent to cash offers. A major holdup in the closing process, however, can be Escrow, making it extremely important to choose your escrow office carefully and […]Read More

Escrow Periods for Purchases: Close in 15 Days

We can easily close purchases in 30 days whether they involve FHA, Conventional or VA financing. The exceptions, of course, are 203k (FHA Construction) Loans, which require at least 45 days to close. If necessary, we have a couple lenders who will accommodate 15 day closes. We received a complete loan package on Monday for […]Read More