Please Note: JVM Lending is temporarily unable to accept new refinance applications. We have met our maximum loan volume capacity and are unable to process additional applications without sacrificing the 5-star experience to which our valued clients are accustomed. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

We are still accepting new home purchase applications, and still have capacity in our purchase loan division.


Glassdoor (Workplace Reviews) for Talent and Customers!

When someone Googles “JVM Lending” two of the most prominent search results are our Glassdoor reviews – and nothing could make me happier! Glassdoor is an extremely popular website where former and current team members share anonymous reviews. And team-member-reviews can often say far more about a company than all of its marketing and customer-reviews […]Read More

What I Learned From Having Steve Jobs Swear at Me

My subject line was borrowed verbatim from another excellent WSJ article, linked here. The author was an engineer at Apple who worked on both the iPhone 4 and the iPad. When he showed Steve Jobs a font that was supposed to illuminate the iPhone 4’s superior screen-resolution, Jobs told him the font was “dog shit.” […]Read More

Why and How to Hire “Nice” Over Talent; “Nice” is Essential

I worked for an investment bank in the late 1980s and the “Analyst” staff was dominated by an extremely talented young guy who also happened to be a bombastic jerk. The company put up with him b/c his quantitative and software skills were unmatched. But the company was unaware of the damage he was doing […]Read More