Salesperson/Deal Maker vs. Manager; Lesson from Disney’s CEO

I recently read the autobiography of Disney CEO, Robert Iger, and I of course loved it. Iger started out at ABC television in 1974 and quite literally clawed his way to the top – enduring adversity and setbacks that few of us mortals could have ever endured. He ended up at Disney after Disney bought […]Read More

Tenacity & Focus vs. Training, Seminars, Self-Help, Organizing, Inputting, & Fixing Your Business

Of all the agents we work with (over 800 and counting), one of the most successful, by far, is a buyer’s agent on a very successful team. She is successful via every major metric – units, total volume, and income. What makes her so successful though is simply her tenacity and focus. She does not […]Read More

Beware of Coaches… Could They Do It Now?

Several years ago, Heejin and I were in Las Vegas at a huge mortgage event listening to the usual array of celebrity speakers and industry experts. Several of the most prominent speakers were coaches who were selling their systems or services for large dollar amounts. All of them of course would mention their own track […]Read More

Sears – How to Destroy a Business, Department Store and Name

This is a fascinating article from Business Insider about the demise of Sears. I highly recommend it b/c it is so interesting and b/c there are so many great lessons about how NOT to run a business. Sears is fascinating in general b/c it was such an iconic brand and department store for so long – over 100 years – […]Read More

Must Do Background Checks on Employees/Partners

I will never forget the day…when Heejin discovered that as much as $150,000 had been stolen from JVM Lending. Our bookkeeper at the time had difficulty explaining what happened to a large cash reserve we had, and this aroused Heejin’s suspicions. Upon further investigation, Heejin starting finding numerous checks that had clearly been forged, and […]Read More