WeWork’s Pending Crash; Expanding During Good Times?

Scott Galloway is an NYU business professor and entrepreneur whose commentary I love! Recently, he has been beating the heck out of WeWork and what he says is a ridiculous over-valuation. For those of you who don’t know, WeWork is a shared-office-space-provider that caters to entrepreneurs and small business people, and it is currently booming. […]Read More

Why Businesses Must Focus On “Growth,” or Die

The CEO of Delta Airlines was on Marketplace’s Corner Office podcast recently, and it was boring as hell (a lot of platitudes). BUT, there was one huge takeaway that stuck with me. When the host asked the CEO if he intended to keep growing even though Delta is the largest airline in the world, he said: “of course – companies that are not growing, are in […]Read More

Bear vs. Monkey; Must Accept and Learn From Criticism; Insiders

A few years ago I shared a video with our office that I thought was amusing. It was a bear and monkey racing on bicycles in a circus in China, and the bear sort of ended up turning the monkey into lunch. Apparently, what is amusing to a 50-year-old Minnesota farm boy is not the […]Read More

Kung Fu Panda Organization For Freedom And Growth

Eric Weinstein is a PhD in mathematical physics from Harvard, and a managing director at Thiel Capital. Eric is one of the smartest guys in Silicon Valley working for the smartest VC in Silicon Valley. He was on Tim Ferriss’ podcast recently talking about Kung Fu Panda. He publicly cried at the end of the […]Read More