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Old School Sales Techniques Rule The Day at Open House

We attended an Open House on Sunday with a very successful, “old school” Realtor, and we learned a lot.  We, and many of our Realtor-partners, focus heavily on technology, database management and slick marketing materials. This works, but sometimes it causes us to forget to employ basic, old-fashioned sales techniques.

The Realtor we worked with on Sunday collected an impressive array of qualified leads; probably more than we have seen any Realtor collect at an open house under similar circumstances. The only marketing materials she had was an old-fashioned, hard-copy “sign up” sheet like the ones that frequented open houses years ago.  She actually forgot to bring some very high-end, two-sided flyers that we had prepared and printed for her office.

She fearlessly engaged and befriended every visitor as soon as they walked in the door; she would extend her hand and say “hi, I am Jane Doe” (real name not used).  She would then request their information and would not take “no” for an answer. She did all this in a very non-threatening and friendly manner that has clearly been perfected with years of practice. She was simply astoundingly effective at getting potential buyers to give up their information.

She is an excellent reminder in today’s era of technology and manners that we sometimes just need to be friendly and fearless to garner more business. We all need to practice our old school sales techniques and not just rely on marketing and technology.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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