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What Will Bring Rates Back? FLIPs OK

What will bring rates back? Here are a few possibilities: (1) rates often come back a little after a major holiday, as we have stated; (2) a war in Korea will send investors to “quality”, reducing rates (note that “quality” refers to fixed income investments like bonds in lieu of stocks); (3) an economic meltdown in a Euro Block Country like Portugal or Spain will send rates downward; and (4) negative economic news will give investors comfort that rates will not be increasing soon, and send investors to bonds from stocks.

It is not that we hope for bad news, but it is primarily “bad news” that keeps rates down, and low rates in turn bolster real estate.

Lastly – we still have several lenders that allow “FLIPs”, irrespective of whether the financing is FHA or Conventional. A FLIP is a property that was bought and re-sold in less than 90 days.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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