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“It’s Just Not Meant to Be” = Nonsense

In a rare occurrence, both stocks and bonds are off today. Usually when stock prices are up, bond prices are down and rates go up. Conversely, when stock prices go down, bond prices often go up and rates improve (money leaves stocks for bonds). Today, both bonds and stocks suffered because of our government’s inability to work out the debt ceiling issue.

When a large number of problems continue to surface in regard to a transaction, our clients (both Realtors and borrowers) often say to us at some point: “maybe, it is just not meant to be…” And we cringe.

We cringe because in this economy and in this lending environment, almost nothing seems like it was “meant to be”. We face seemingly insurmountable problems with our transactions and within our business every day. Five years ago such problems would have scared us half to death, but today they are just another day at the office.

Our point is to not be overly alarmed by “issues”, no matter how significant. Major and repeated problems are not harbingers of a larger message; they are just business in 2011.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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