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Non-Citizens Need 2 to 3 Years Left on Visa

Borrowers do NOT have to be US Citizens to obtain Conventional or FHA financing.

We have NON-US-Citizen borrowers come to us every week, and the first things we ask them are: (1) Do you have a Green Card?**, and if not, what kind of Visa do you have?; (2) If they have a Visa, we ask (a) What type of Visa?; and (b) How many years remaining?

**A Green Card allows “permanent residence” in the United States.

Acceptable Visa types include B, E, H, L, O and G, with H being by far the most common.

Lenders require that two to three years (depending on lender) remain on the Visa. If a borrower does NOT have two years remaining on his Visa, he can still get a loan IF he proves that he has applied for a Green Card, and such a card is pending. This “proof” consists of a copy of the paperwork that was filed, as well as a letter from an immigration attorney stating that all necessary paperwork has been filed.

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