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Plug-in Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Appraisers look for Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors on every floor of every dwelling now, as CO detectors are required by law. If an appraiser does not find a CO detector, he “calls out” its absence. A CO detector then has to be installed, and the appraiser has to re-inspect, causing additional charges and delays.

We were recently at a home where the selling agent had gone in before the appraiser and plugged in CO detectors on every floor. She kept plug-in (instead of wall or ceiling mounted) CO detectors in her trunk. The appraiser was satisfied with the presence of the plug-in CO detectors. And, we are not sure if the CO detectors remained in the home after the appraiser left.

In any case, we think it is a good idea for Realtors to keep plug-in CO detectors in their vehicle. If they ever notice a missing CO detector in a property, they can simply plug one in, saving time and money.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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