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“Millennials” Drive Housing Recovery/Future; Internet Driven

Reminder: FHA MI becomes permanent in June. This is an incentive for FHA buyers to find properties sooner rather than later.

The below link is a graphic published by the PulteGroup. It illuminates why “Millennials” (18 to 34 year-olds) will be a major part of the housing recovery and housing’s future. http://goo.gl/94cyI

Many of our top Realtors market in an “old-school” manner via mail and networking in community groups. Millennials, however, are very internet-oriented and not as susceptible to traditional marketing techniques.

A strong internet presence is essential for capturing Millennials. This includes the following: (1) a robust website with authentic information; (2) published social media reviews on sites such as YELP; (3) on-line testimonials from numerous clients; (4) constant on-line access and applications; and (5) links to top social media outlets.

It also does not hurt to hire Millennials who can better relate to this burgeoning market. JVM is staffed almost entirely by Millennials. We take pride in how well positioned we are to serve this growing market. We think everyone with a long-term outlook in any business should be similarly positioned.

Jay Voorhees
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