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Dow Hit Record High; Getting Out of PMI

A borrower recently called us to discuss his refi options. He had a 30 year fixed rate loan at 3.5%. He also had PMI that he wanted to eliminate b/c he now has substantial equity in his Bay Area home.

As much as we wanted the refinance business, we told him not to refinance but instead to petition his loan-servicer to get out of PMI. We could not match his 3.5% rate and we did not want him to lose that rate with a refinance to get out of PMI.

Once a borrower has his loan for over 2 years, and his equity cushion exceeds 20%, he can contact his loan-servicer and follow a series of steps to get out of PMI (and preserve his existing loan). These steps include the ordering of a new appraisal of course.

Jay Voorhees
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