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DISC/Personality Tests For Every Hire & Yourself; Self-Awareness

disc personality testsIt was my first day on the job at Wells Fargo Bank some 27 years ago, and I was riding up the elevator with the HR director who hired me. She looked at me and said, “You are going to be a star here…”

But, I was not in fact a “star,” and I was pretty much the worst employee ever.

Wells Fargo did an extremely thorough background check and subjected me to a long personality test (that I totally gamed), but they did not have me take a DISC test. They should have, but it was probably not available then.

DISC stands for “Decisive, Interactive, Stability, Cautious.” It is a short personality test that does a great job of sussing out what drives people.

At JVM, we look for high “I’s”, “S’s”, and “C’s.” We like highly “Interactive” people (high “I’s”) for client facing roles, and we like high “S’s” and high “C’s” b/c fast closings and lending in general require a lot of diligence and care.

We tend to avoid one particular personality trait – High “D’s.” High “D’s” often make poor team-players, and they all too often look for opportunities to go out on their own. They can also be too demanding and opinionated.

My “D” is 99 (as high as it gets). Heejin’s “D” is 95 – and she was the 2nd worst employee ever :).

Tony Robbins has free DISC tests here. Tony Robbins thinks everyone should take the test as a “self-awareness” guide to make sure people pursue interests that match their drives.

We love DISC tests for both self-awareness and evaluating potential employees.

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