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Condition: Old, Tired, Worn Is OK; Health/Safety/Structural Not OK

We recently had a Realtor call us about a property that was formerly used for the “production of medicine” (aka a pot farm). He asked whether the appraiser would call out the holes in the floor (for ventilation and grow lights) and the damage caused by the angry guard dog. The answer is yes, so he is de-pot-farming the home before the appraiser shows up – probably a good rule of thumb :).

As a quick reminder: Properties can be very dated, old, tired, worn and in need of paint and significant improvements and appraisers will usually not call out anything. Appliances can be missing too if they are not “built in.” Even holes in walls are often ignored.

“Health and Safety Issues’ and “Visible Structural Defects” will be called out. Examples include clearly leaky roofs; roofs that are obviously “beyond their useful life” with missing shingles, tiles, etc; missing floor coverings; holes in the floor; broken stairs; missing railings; exposed electrical wiring; badly peeling paint; significant dry rot; and exposed and un-capped plumbing.

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