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Closing Days Defined: Contract Date to COE; Calendar Days

Closing Days Defined: Contract Date to COE; Calendar DaysWe made our reputation on our ability to close quickly time and again. We do it so often in fact that we made a “15 Day Close Resume” with dates, prices, addresses, agent names, etc. – so listing agents can see how well we consistently perform.

We actually can close faster than 15 days now too, if necessary. We are able to repeatedly close so quickly b/c of the airtight system we have honed over the years.

We define our “Closing Period” in Calendar Days from the Contract Date to Close of Escrow.

Many lenders are trying to copy our success by touting their own ability to close quickly. But, b/c they cannot do so consistently, they often employ dubious ways to define closing periods. Some only count “business days,” some only tout specific one-off transactions, and some start the countdown at the loan application date or submission to underwriting date.

There is only one way to define a closing period – Contract Date to Close of Escrow, and in Calendar Days.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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