No VA Loan Limits! FHA and Conforming Loan Limits Way Up!

VA LOAN LIMITS ELIMINATED – 2020 When “VA loans” first surfaced in 1944, the average cost of a house was only $8,600, making “loan limits” a nonconcern for the most part. As home prices rose, however, loan limits or maximum loan amounts were put in place just like they were for FHA and Conforming loans. […]Read More

VA Loans – Explained Once Again; We’re VA Experts!

We get so many questions about VA Loans and whether or not we offer them that I thought it was time to repeat some key VA info. In short – we are VA experts and we love helping veterans. What is a VA Loan? A VA Loan (Veterans Administration Loan) is a mortgage that is […]Read More

VA Loans – The Bad and The Good

I blogged about VA loans in October, explaining that they are the best deal in the mortgage world. VA loans have low interest rates, no mortgage insurance, and they allow for 100% financing. You can read my entire VA blog here. DRAWBACKS TO VA LOANS Despite all the benefits of a VA loan, there are […]Read More

VA Financing! Key Questions Answered & Explained

We want to answer some common questions regarding VA loans to help our agents negotiate and close more VA purchases. VA loans represent one of the most competitive financing options available with respect to interest rates, fees and down payment options. In addition, VA loans are also more lenient than conventional and FHA financing in […]Read More

VA Loans Can Exceed Limits; Subject Property Is Best Comp

Two quick reminders today. 1. VA Loans can exceed loan limits. When VA borrowers make an offer on a house that is well above the VA loan limits, borrowers only need to come in with 25% of the difference between the purchase price and the county loan limit. Extreme Example: Price is $1,025,500. VA Loan […]Read More

VA Loans – Best Financing Available; Pros And Cons

We are seeing a lot more VA buyers lately so we thought it warranted a blog. VA financing for veterans remains the best deal on the market, as the rates are very low (lower than conventional rates), there is no mortgage insurance, and no down payment is required. VA buyers can in fact buy with […]Read More

Lenders/Realtors Are On The Same Team; Loan Approvals Are Complex

All of our veteran Realtor partners very much understand that they are on the same team as their lenders, with the same end goals: serving the buyer and closing the transaction. Our veteran Realtors do a beautiful job supporting us, and we likewise go out of our way to support them. We bring this up […]Read More