Why Nobody Takes ARMs (Adjustable Rates); Inverted Yield Curves; Recessions

SELLING ARMS IN THE 1990s There was an event in 1995 that gave a wonderfully powerful jolt to my book of business. A sales rep from a lender called LaSalle came by our office and told us about the Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) his firm offered. They were 5 and 7 year ARMs in the […]Read More

JD Power’s Mortgage Lender Survey – What Borrowers Want

The lender you refer your clients to is a reflection on you. I repeat that often b/c it is true and b/c we meet so many agents who are having issues with their lenders. In light of this, JD Power’s recent survey of borrowers should be of particular interest, as it illuminates what borrowers look […]Read More

How To Play Bigger; Be Different, Not Just Better

Heejin and I were recently invited to a Bay Area meeting of the Forbes Business Council, and we quickly wondered why we were invited to a Bay Area meeting of the Forbes Business Council. 😊 The reason was that we were the only people there who were not tech company founders worth $100 million (or […]Read More

ARMs; Asset Depletion Loans; Debt Service Coverage Loans; Mixed Use Properties

Here are a few quick mortgage reminders/updates: I. JUMBO ARMs REMAIN VERY LOW.  I mentioned yesterday that our Jumbo 30-Year rates are as low as ever, but our JUMBO ARMs are even lower.  Our 7/1 ARMs, for example, remain in mid-3%range for no-points loans for qualified borrowers. II.ASSET DEPLETION LOANS.   These are the perfect option […]Read More

Avoid Waiting To Buy A Home in California

The right time to buy a house is now! With rates continuing to rise and the California housing inventory that shrinks each day, the time to get into the market is now. Here are some reasons why buyers should consider buying now to avoid the cost of waiting. Rates have officially hit a 7-year high. […]Read More

Top 5 Tips for Buying a Condo in California

Condos are an excellent option for buyers looking to upgrade to a larger single-family residence without all the upkeep of a detached home. These are our top five tips for buyers looking to buy a condo in California: 1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage. Unless buyers are planning to pay for their condo with all […]Read More

Amazing Facts About Teams & Culture

TEAM CULTURE IS EVERYTHING! If you are part of a team of two, ten or thirty people, you need to know that culture is everything! The reason? Companies with strong cultures are almost eight times more profitable over the long run. Team members are also far happier and more productive. This was driven home in […]Read More

Other Lenders’ Reviews – Horror Stories

READ THE REVIEWS!   We tout our 500+ Five Star Reviews so often, we’re becoming a broken record. So, I’ll resist the urge today (even though I just did it again :), and instead focus on our competitors’ reviews. I am not doing this to just beat up on competitors, as I know that is not […]Read More

Why A Shoe Shine Man Thrives In The Digital Age

My son shared this excellent story about a shoe shine man in his downtown Sacramento building. With Amazon, big tech, big banks and “big” everything else threatening to take over the world, this story is a great reminder of how to not only survive, but to thrive. Long story short – the shoe shine man […]Read More

Barbie Dolls, Bratz Dolls, and Making Better Tacos! Innovating Instead of Protecting Status Quo

BARBIE WENT TO WAR The WSJ published an excellent book review called “When Barbie Went to War.” It provides a comical overview of Mattell’s battle with MGA over copyright infringement after MGA released its Bratz dolls. Since the WSJ requires a subscription, please email me if you’d like to read a copy of “When Barbie Went […]Read More

Mortgage Lending Process Overview

Mortgage Lending Process Overview Purchase Process Overview with JVM Lending: The below timeline is an overview of the course of events necessary to close your home loan after your offer has been accepted and you are officially in contract to purchase your new home. The “DAYS” set out below are approximations only and are based […]Read More

Homebuyers Memo

This guide is meant only to provide an overview of the home-buying process; its accuracy is not guaranteed. If any part of it is confusing, we STRONGLY encourage the reader to call us as often as desired for clarification. It is essential that everything in this guide is understood. 1. Get Pre-Approved: You need to […]Read More

First Time Home Buyer

First Time Home Buyer Find The Best Mortgage That Meets Your Needs Your Loan Type By understanding the various financing types and their advantages, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to choose the most appropriate home loan for your situation and future goals. Your Future Goals The type of loan you obtain will depend on […]Read More

Investment Property Financing

Investment Property Financing What you need to know when obtaining a loan for a non-owner occupied home: Purchase money financing for residential real estate for investors remains readily available and extremely competitive. Investors, however, must be well qualified with good credit, “documentable” income, and ample liquidity. The best rates and terms are available for those […]Read More

FHA Financing

FHA Financing FHA loans represent equally good opportunities for the same reasons Conventional Loans are so appealing – the loan limit goes all the way to $729,750, and the rates are low. Advantages of FHA Loans include: Small down payment of only 3.5% of purchase price Debt ratios up to 57% Entire down payment can […]Read More


Refinancing Is Refinancing the best option for you? It is true that refinancing has the potential to improve your overall financial picture, it is not necessarily a strategy that makes sense for every individual in every situation. So before you make a commitment to refinance your mortgage, it’s important to determine whether such a move […]Read More

FHA 203k Renovation Loans

FHA 203k Renovation Loans Quasi “Construction” Financing for Properties with Severe Condition Issues 203(k) loans are excellent option for financing the repair and improvements of properties with severe condition of functionality issues. FHA 203(k) loans allow potential owner-occupants to finance repairs and improvements of almost any nature, as long the repairs are for an existing […]Read More

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages Reverse Mortgages are an excellent opportunity for senior citizens to access the cash locked into their home equity, with no resulting payments. This cash can be used for anything including home improvements, travel, gifts for grandchildren, or just peace of mind and financial security. Reverse mortgages can even be used to purchase properties. […]Read More