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Why JVM Had an Enormous Stake in College Football Championship

Why JVM Had an Enormous Stake in College Football Championship

 JVM had an enormous stake in the College Football National Championship Game.

An aside for our Oakland/Berkeley readers: “Football” is an American game involving an oblong leather ball that is moved up and down the field, usually by large men… (kidding :)).

For our AZ readers:  “College” is an institution for advanced learning that people attend after high school, assuming they finish high school.  (kidding again – I am allowed to make fun of AZ b/c I grew up there!)

Anyway, the WSJ had a fascinating article about the different coaching styles at the two schools competing for the title – Clemson and Alabama.  Swinney vs Saban – Coaching Styles

Alabama’s Coach Saban is a rigid, and hard-nosed workaholic who explains nothing, misses nothing and gives orders that must be followed. He comes from the hyper-disciplined old school of coaching.

In sharp contrast, Clemson’s Coach Swinney is much looser and friendlier, and far more attuned to millennials. He jokes, texts, goofs off and makes sure he and his players have fun. He also goes out of his way to explain everything, including why his players are asked to do what they do.

We love this b/c JVM is populated by millennials, and our core customer base is comprised of millennials. Like Coach Swinney, we recognize the need to change our management style and our marketing to appeal to the very different values of millennials.

Companies and managers who cling to the old-school style of top down control and discipline will likely face serious issues, and/or lose national championship games.

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