Tracking All Referrals and Leads Necessity and Service We often have Realtors reach out to us to inquire about referrals they sent our way. Years ago, we’d get back to them only after combing through our notebooks and piles of sticky notes :).

    Now days, however, we promptly send them full reports with the name, phone number and email address of every referral they sent us. We can also send disposition status (contacted, docs received, pre-approved, etc.).

    Why A CRM Is Essential

    The entire process takes us about 30 seconds because we are diligent with our data entry, and because our CRM is powerful and efficient.

    Every Realtor in 2016 should be able to get this data from their lender. Not cultivating this data is very costly for both the Realtor and the lender.

    Every Realtor in 2016 should also probably keep this data themselves in their own CRM, but if they don’t, JVM is more than happy to do so for them.

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