The "Mother" of All Testimonials :) (Winnie the Pooh Too!)

    I try very hard to keep this blog as informative as possible, without inserting too much “Rah, Rah JVM!” material.

    But sometimes, I can’t resist – especially when even the “Rah Rah” stuff is informative.

    We work extremely hard to cultivate relationships with real estate agents, primarily by pointing out all we can do for them, e.g. informative blogs, 14-day closes, digital audits, tech partnerships, weekend availability, low rates, responsiveness, etc.

    But, we also love to remind agents how much their clients love working with us! As proof, we try to get them to read our hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp, but occasionally we get an email like the one below that is even better than our reviews.

    And – I just had to share it b/c we think it says everything about the type of service we offer. The Winnie the Pooh meme only made it that much more necessary 😊


    Hey JVM folks (and anyone else I missed or helped!),

    I just wanted to reach out and send a quick thank you note to all of you there at JVM. My real estate agent referred me over to you folks and wouldn’t stop hounding me to reach out. Well, I understand now why my agent and everyone else recommends JVM. I can confidently say that I emphatically refuse to work with any other lender. In my eyes, it felt more like as if we were all on the same team and not as a client/customer.

    My interactions with your team have been such a positive contrast to my previous lender that I quickly began to recommend working with JVM over other lenders. Below are some of my comments and statements made to friends, family, and colleagues regarding your pedigree:

    • “I bet my lender can beat the sh*t out of your lender.”
    • “My lender would have caught that rookie mistake your lender made.”
    • “Your lender doesn’t respond to you over weekends? Pftt… Loser.”
    • “Your lender doesn’t have 5 minute SLA response times ? Pftt… Sucks to be you.”
    • “I wonder if they’re hiring.”
    • “Your lender doesn’t have Pulizter Prize level grammar and correspondence quality? Weird.”
    • “I have to cancel this meeting because my lender is more important than this call…. And you.”
    • “My lender revealed the meaning of life to me during contract. Did yours?”
    • “My lender would call me back… Unlike the person you’re currently dating.”
    • “My lender successfully cured the void of abandonment my father left when he went to go buy cigarettes 20 years ago… Mom says he’s still out buying smokes. “
    • “No, I won’t stop talking about my lender during our dinner date.”
    • “Oh, you like your therapist? You know what helped with my depression and crippling anxiety? My lender.”
    • “What am I doing this weekend? Anything my lender goddamn tells me to.”
    • “I plan to invite my lender to my future wedding. Is that weird?”
    • “Hey, you remember that one time my lender was better than yours?”

    I can’t thank you folks enough. Hopefully the comments above and this carefully curated meme below can appropriately describe just how impressed and honored I am to have worked with your team. I look forward to any future work we do together.


    Jay Voorhees
    Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
    (855) 855-4491 | DRE# 01524255, NMLS# 335646

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