Last night I heard about three guys who bought a rhesus monkey and chloroformed it to death.  They then shaved it, cut off its tail, painted it green, and left it in middle of the road near some scorch marks they made with a blow torch.

This actually happened in 1953 in a small town in Georgia. It was part of a Martian hoax. The three guys were just two barbers and a butcher, and the hoax worked. Most of America fell for it. Then America found out it was duped, and got really mad at the three guys.

I heard this story on an excellent podcast called “The Memory Palace.” It is one of many podcasts I highly recommend. Memory Palace podcasts are wonderful snippets of history that are always very short (8 to 15 minutes) and entertaining. I also heard about the first ferris wheel in 1893, and the first electric billboard that mesmerized New York City in 1892. I recommend them all.

Jay Voorhees
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