The Faster You Learn; The Faster You Earn. This is from a Bulletproof podcast I just listened to. The guest was Jim Kwik whose specialty is accelerated learning, memory and speed-reading.

    He points out how fast learners have a huge advantage in today’s information overload economy. I loved this message b/c this is precisely why JVM Lending is so successful. We only hire uber-fast learners who can assimilate massive amounts of information at lightning speed. Without that skill, people lack the necessary skills for the mortgage industry.

    I also like the message b/c I personally am learning-obsessed. As an aside, I used to wake up my wife Heejin every morning with a recitation of items I learned that morning in the WSJ and the many blogs I read, until I “learned” at age 50 (in no uncertain terms) that women don’t like to be woken up that way :). Who knew?

    Main Point: It is 2015; I hope you’re still learning – a lot, and fast.

    Here is a link to the podcast:

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