Buyer’s Story Wins The House!

    We recently closed a transaction for buyers whose offer was substantially less than numerous other offers. I wish I could say it was JVM that made the difference, but alas – we were barely a factor.

    What made the astounding difference was the “story” the buyers told.

    Here’s why having offer #34 out of 36 wasn’t a dealbreaker: Our buyers won solely and only because they connected so strongly with the seller.Reading a letter

    Here’s the story:

    The seller was an urban farmer who lived next door to the listing. The listing agent did an amazing job of selling the urban farmer story – dressing up as a farmer, placing baskets of produce all around the property, etc.

    But our buyers did an even better job of telling their very similar story; an absolute passion for the urban farm.

    I know this is old hat and all agents know that a strong letter and aligned values can trump price every time, but this particular story is so compelling that I had to share it.

    It is also a reminder to always tell a great story whenever you can. Great stories help you both sell and buy.

    This short blog from Redfin offers excellent tips for writing effective love letters.

    Here is a great article in the San Jose Mercury News about “Love Letters” winning offers. 

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