a thanksgiving holiday dinner of a roasted turkey on a silver platter with dishes on a table around it, very dissimilar to the pilgrims thanksgiving Here are a few Thanksgiving stories for this last day prior to the big day.

Most people don’t know that the Pilgrims experimented with communal living when they first arrived in 1620. They had no private property, and they pooled and shared everything. And… it failed miserably.

There were shortages, resentment, constant theft, and starvation (almost half of the Pilgrims died in the first year alone). After two and a half years, the Pilgrims finally instituted private property rights and began to flourish. Once people were able to work their own land for themselves, production sky-rocketed, and the rest is history.

Business lesson? The Pilgrims clearly should have used DISC tests when selecting people for the Mayflower voyage :). Alternatively – they took the “teamwork” thing way too far.

Squanto was the Native American who effectively saved the Pilgrims, and he is also the really interesting story here. He was kidnapped by explorers in 1605 and brought to England where he learned English. He was returned back to his homeland only to be kidnapped again and sold into slavery in Spain in 1614.

Spanish friars saved him, and he ended up back in England. He sailed to North America again in 1618, but was again brought back to England. Finally, in 1619, he returned to his village only to find out that everyone had been wiped out by disease.

Despite his hardships, Squanto embraced the Pilgrims and helped them immeasurably by acting as an interpreter among the other Native Americans and teaching them how to farm. You can read more fascinating facts about Squanto here.

Business Lesson? There probably isn’t one :). But, you never know when Providence will bring you a super-star team member. The Pilgrims would not have survived without Squanto.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at JVM Lending!

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