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Tequilas Taste Different; Vodka’s Don’t; Great Tequila Buy For $30!

Last year, Forbes had an article about the inability to distinguish different vodka brands, so we had a blind taste test at JVM to test the hypothesis. And sure enough, we couldn’t tell one from the other (one of the cheapest brands won the taste test in fact).

Not so, with tequila. For Sean’s “going away” party, we did a blind Tequila Taste Test, and the flavor differences were significant. We did not find a price-to-flavor correlation though. We tested five tequilas and one of the cheapest came in 3rd.

The biggest surprise though was how good the first place tequila was. Gran Centenario Reposado was only $25 and it was far better than the other tequilas and a great buy for a premium tequila. We recommend it.

Here the results of our blind test:

1st Place: Gran Centenario Reposado ($25 at BevMo)

2nd Place: Patron Silver ($39 at BevMo)

3rd Place: Sauza Tequila Blanco ($10 at BevMo)

4th Place: Costco Silver Tequila Blue Agave ($20 at Costco)

5th Place: Peligroso Anejo ($37 at BevMo)

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