aerial view of an upset woman looking at notebooks and a computer in front of her because of her frustrating loan officer which JVM does not have Team Member’s Mom Goes to the Competition

    One of our team member’s Moms went to the “competition” for a refi, and we were mortified… OK – actually, we weren’t. She has a very unique situation in regard to zoning that a big bank signed off on before, so she went back to them to refinance. We have been enjoying the show ever since.

    Interesting Aspects of Big Bank Financing

    1. The big bank’s super high tech online application portal was nothing short of amazing – slick, fast, easy, cool.

    2. After the super cool, slick, amazing online application: crickets. The world went dark. The Loan Officer disappeared into the ether, with no forwarding address or back up. He is so non-communicative that we are worried, and thinking about organizing a search party :).

    3. Blatantly incorrect info. The Loan Officer simply misquoted most of the key information…before disappearing.

    4. No Updates, No Explanation: New conditions, confusing ones at that, were continually added without explanation, and there have been virtually no updates along the way.

    5. Four sets of disclosures came to the residence. Sign them? Ignore them? Give them away as Christmas gifts? Nobody knows what to do with them b/c there have been no explanations.

    6. 60 days and counting… It is a simple refi that should have closed in under 30 days, easily.

    Dead Horse Conclusion

    Here is our dead horse conclusion that we beat all too often: Technology is great. Low rates are great. BUT – mortgages are always complicated, and borrowers need hand-holding and somebody at-the-ready at all times to answer questions and keep borrowers updated.

    There is a reason why we guarantee constant updates, 60 minute response times, and hyper-trained team members. There is no other way to guarantee awesome client experiences, that technology alone will never provide.

    Jay Voorhees
    Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
    (855) 855-4491 | DRE# 1197176, NMLS# 310167

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