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Tale of One City: LA – Best of Times; Worst of Times

Forbes Magazine tracks Real Estate Appreciation for the 500 Most Expensive Zip Codes in the US. In the most recent issue Forbes showed the “Five Biggest Losers” and “Five Biggest Gainers” year over year from 2008 to 2009. What was interesting is that LA had One of the Top Five Losers, as well as Two of the Top Five Gainers. The “Loser” zip code was 90019 or “Mid-City” with depreciation of 26% from 2008, while the two “Gainers” were 90069 (West Hollywood with 7% appreciation) and 90046 (Hollywood Hills with 5% appreciation).

Other California Cities to make the “Top Five Losers” were Dana Point with 31% depreciation and San Jose with 25% depreciation.

The only other California City to make the “Top Five Gainers” was Menlo Park with 11% appreciation.

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