$120 For A Piece of Fruit? Capital Gains Changes Could Spark MORE Selling; Why You Can’t Catch An Uber

BIDDING WAR FOR AN APPLE This very short TikTok video went viral last week, as it well should have b/c it is both so illustrative and entertaining. I had to share it again just in case any readers have not seen it. The best line: “I’ll take it for $100 – I’m from California and […]Read More

Viewing Client/Borrower Status in Real Time – from Application to Close; Why People Love Uber

WHAT MAKES UBER SO POPULAR? Uber is popular for several reasons: (1) it allows people to call for a ride no matter where they are, without having to wait for a taxi to drive by; (2) there is no payment “friction” when the ride ends – passengers can just hop out of the car; and […]Read More

When Technology Fails…Somebody Actually Has To Think

It took me two and half hours to take an Uber from Manhattan to JFK airport last week. The reason? My Uber driver had moved to NYC four days earlier and he relied entirely on his Waze app to navigate. And Waze does NOT work in Manhattan (too much traffic and too much data, and […]Read More

Companies Boom When They Eliminate FRICTION; We All Need To

This excellent quote is from our favorite blogger/commentator/NYU Professor, Scott Galloway. “Apple and Uber created more shareholder value (since ’08) than any public/private firm(s) The key to their success was the iPhone and GPS ordering/tracking, right? Wrong. The secret sauce was … reduced friction. It’s not the GPS tracking illuminating where Javier and his Lincoln […]Read More

“Uberization” Of Everything Is Inevitable; Be Ready; Lending?

When I landed at JFK Airport in New York last week, I called Uber and my driver actually worked for a large ride-service company. The company had signed all of its cars and drivers up for Uber. This is a great example of a company adjusting to a technology change that is wiping out many […]Read More

Arrogant Billionaire vs. Super Nice Guy Millionaire

Travis Kalanick is the Uber founder who is worth about $6 billion. He fascinates us b/c he appears to be extremely arrogant and he seems to pick fights with most everyone – competitors, regulators (big mistake), and fellow investors. He gets away with it b/c of his extreme wealth and power, but I often wonder […]Read More