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Can Rates Fall Again? Heck Yeah! New Conforming Loan Limits

One of the primary reasons behind the recent rate increases is the expectation that Mr. Trump will deregulate the economy and bring about more economic growth. B/c of this expectation, investors have moved into stocks and out of bonds, pushing rates up 5/8% since the election. But, while the stock market loves “Trump the Deregulator,” […]Read More

Biggest Increase in 3 Years; Unpredictability/Timing the Markets

We are seeing the biggest rate increase in 3 years. Investors moved into stocks and out of bonds, and rates climbed. Trump’s promises to cut taxes, to increase government spending and to deregulate were perceived as positive signs by investors. Investors also perceive inflation risk b/c Trump’s policies might require more government borrowing. Inflation risk […]Read More

What Does Trump’s Win Mean for Mortgages and Markets?

Rates went up with news of Trump’s victory. The markets believe that a GOP controlled White House and congress will foster a more hawkish Fed (more willing to raise rates) and a tighter fiscal policy (less government spending and quantitative easing). This contrasts with what we mentioned in previous blogs. It was thought that the uncertainty created by […]Read More