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Another Gov’t Shutdown Update; Must Be On Title If On Loan; Title Only

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN NOT AN ISSUE FOR MOST BORROWERS I read recently that there are buyers waiting on the sidelines b/c of concerns about the government shutdown. They shouldn’t be b/c the shutdown is not affecting that many buyers. There are some issues causing delays such as furloughed employees not being able to close until they […]Read More

Do California Homebuyers Need Title Insurance?

What is Title Insurance? “Title” refers to the legal ownership of a property. Title insurance is a California policy that new homeowners can take out to protect against claims from past occurrences on the property. For example, if someone in California files a lawsuit claiming that they are still a full or partial owner of […]Read More

Title Insurance; Owners Policy Too Cheap Not To Get

The new TRID requirements have language that reminds buyers that they do not need to buy an “owner’s policy” when it comes to title insurance. So some borrowers are opting out, and title companies are pulling their hair out b/c the “owner’s policy” is ridiculously cheap when purchased with the mandatory “lender’s policy.” The “owner’s […]Read More