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Tenacity & Focus vs. Training, Seminars, Self-Help, Organizing, Inputting, & Fixing Your Business

Of all the agents we work with (over 800 and counting), one of the most successful, by far, is a buyer’s agent on a very successful team. She is successful via every major metric – units, total volume, and income. What makes her so successful though is simply her tenacity and focus. She does not […]Read More

Mind Sweeping; Quick Time Management Technique; Far Less Stress

I was at a coaching seminar recently listening to a time management guru. Her best piece of advice was something I have been practicing for years – she called it Mind Sweeping. Mind Sweeping is the practice of writing down everything that you have to do or are thinking about doing – personal, business, complex, […]Read More

The Extreme Need To Say “No”; “Hell No’s” vs. “Hell Yeses”

Heejin’s daughter is too charismatic and popular. I am not being facetious, as it is a real problem. Too many friends and family members want to spend time with her and she is unable to say no; she does not want to miss out, give up relationships or disappoint anyone. She often runs full speed […]Read More

How To Test New Hires For Time Management Skills & Diligence?

I often talk about how important time management skills, admin skills and diligence are at JVM. There is a great way to test these skills before you hire someone. We have a very long set of written interview questions we make every applicant answer before we even speak to them. The questions include a short […]Read More

Einstein Time vs. Newtonian Time; Too Busy? Realize You Control Time

One of our all-time favorite books is “The Big Leap.” It is an extraordinary book by a Stanford PhD about identifying “upper limits” that hold people back. We think every professional should read it. The book has another famous chapter all about time-management. The author drives home the point that we are entirely in control […]Read More