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Thanksgiving Factoids and Business Lessons :)

Here are a few Thanksgiving stories for this last day prior to the big day. Most people don’t know that the Pilgrims experimented with communal living when they first arrived in 1620. They had no private property, and they pooled and shared everything. And… it failed miserably. There were shortages, resentment, constant theft, and starvation […]Read More

Thanksgiving and the “Gratitude Fad” – More Than Meets the Eye

Every Thanksgiving we are reminded ad infinitum to give thanks, to be grateful, to show gratitude…until it gets annoying. Equally annoying is the entire “gratitude fad” – the constant reminders all year long to show, think and express gratitude. But, here’s the thing. It works. It not only makes the recipients of your gratitude feel […]Read More