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Teddy Roosevelt’s Greatest Quote; Happy New Year Too

B/c we are all essentially in “sales” one way or another, I am always inspired by exceptionally effective salespeople. However, many of us forget that the most effective salespeople in […]Read More

10 “Hunter Tips” To Jumpstart Every Career

This blog is not about hunting, just to be clear. It is about a very successful friend of ours (named Hunter) who is also a fierce competitor in our Bay […]Read More

Whoever Has The Most Friends Wins; A Reminder That Hard Work Alone Doesn’t Cut It

NYU Professor, Scott Galloway, who I quote often b/c of his exceptional success in business, tweeted this: “People think of it as strong alpha males who deserve to win. That’s […]Read More

How Hard Should You Work to Succeed?

A few years ago, we hired some extremely talented people from Silicon Valley who informed me after they started that people from Silicon Valley “usually don’t work that hard,” and […]Read More

Ego, Hubris, Hot Markets, & WAMU’s Collapse

I don’t share this often but I used to play in a summertime three-on-three basketball league with Steph Curry and LeBron James (they were my teammates). We not only went […]Read More

Four Habits That Guarantee Success; Hire People With Habits Ingrained

Dan Sullivan is our favorite business coach and podcaster b/c of his straight forward advice and hugely successful track record. We’ve been implementing his ideas for years and we highly […]Read More

Success = Experimentation

“Today’s most successful companies, the ones that are “crushing it,” started as a series of crazy ideas, followed by experiments to test just how viable those ideas might be.” The […]Read More

Sean’s Last Day; A Life Already Well-Lived; Why Sean’s So Successful?

As most people know, this is Sean Yates’ last day at JVM, as he is leaving for law school at UC Davis on Monday. Sean will be sorely missed for […]Read More