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Cold Feet In The Face of Uncertainty (Take The Money & Run)

In the early months after COVID hit in 2020, I wrote numerous blogs about the strong likelihood of the economy and the housing market bouncing back. My reasoning was based on strong demographic demand, a shortage of inventory, the press’s propensity to make crises seem worse than they are, and America’s overall resilience in general (as we had bounced back from many other crises amazingly fast).Read More

Adding Eggs & Why Agents Should Let Sellers Help Sell Their Home

  When General Mills introduced Betty Crocker boxed cake mixes in the 1950s, they included dried eggs. Aspiring cooks just had to add water to the mix in order to get a perfect cake. But, the cakes were so easy and so good that women felt guilty about deceiving people and sales lagged. So, General […]Read More

No Loan Officers; No “High Drive” Salespeople at JVM; Selling Has Changed

Years ago, Heejin employed a huge stable of loan officers who were mostly men with a lot of testosterone, attitude and drive. She reigned over them with an iron fist out of pure necessity to keep the company in line. Her managerial exploits were both legendary and comical, as she was frequently seen dressing down […]Read More

Sell, Sell, Sell; More Sales Cures All; We Are All SalesPeople

The WSJ had a great article Monday about “Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make.” One woman talked about forgetting to sell; she discussed focusing so much on her current projects and operations that she forgot to prospect for future business. She learned from this, saying: “Sales is the lifeblood of the business. Always sell.” When Mark Cuban bought […]Read More