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Equity Lines and Mortgage Funds = Seasoned Funds

This is a quick reminder that “cash out” from equity lines, second mortgages and first mortgages is considered to be “seasoned funds” no matter how recently the cash was obtained. […]Read More

Unexplained Deposits, Seasoned Funds, Sources For Seasoned Funds

I mentioned yesterday how “unexplained deposits” on bank and investment accounts often create problems when transactions are in escrow. This is because lenders want to make sure all funds going […]Read More

How Long Do Funds Have to Season? Clear Bank Statements

We are often asked how long funds for down payments or closing costs need to “season” before a lender will not question their source. This question arises when borrowers have […]Read More

Seasoned Funds: Earned Income, Or In Bank Over Two Months

JVM Lending had another record month in March! This is a quick and emphatic “Thank You” to all of our wonderful partners who helped us achieve our goal. Jumbo and […]Read More

Mortgage Funds are “Seasoned Funds”

This is a reminder that funds from an equity line or from a “cash out” mortgage are considered to be a borrower’s own “seasoned funds.” Such funds do not have […]Read More

“Seasoned Funds” Revisited; Looking for Seasoned Funds

We defined and addressed “Seasoned Funds” in Monday’s comments, and our trainer astutely pointed out that we missed a couple of significant sources for “Seasoned Funds.” This is especially important […]Read More

Seasoned Funds: Earned Income; Equity Lines; In Bank for 3 Months

This is a quick review of “Seasoned Funds:” money that has been in one’s bank account long enough to be considered one’s own funds (there are no large deposits on […]Read More