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Why We Pay Rush Fees To Appraisers for Slow Closes Too; Appraisers Are Underpaid

We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback in response to yesterday’s blog about ordering appraisals immediately; we will definitely continue the practice. Some agents said that our appraisals come […]Read More

Condition Issues Again; Inspect The House Prior to Appraisal; Fast Appraisals

ORDERING RUSH APPRAISALS TO SPOT CONDITION ISSUES UP FRONT One of the reasons we order ALL appraisals as a “rush” (and eat the rush fee :)) is b/c it allows […]Read More

How Fast Appraisals Can Equal No Appraisal Contingency

Our appraisals are completed within four business days of the time we receive a ratified purchase contract, on average. Getting an appraisal back so quickly benefits everyone b/c it eases […]Read More

Appraisals; Turn Times; Rush Fees; Tracking; Herculean Effort

We take appraisals far more seriously than most lenders. It costs us dearly, but it is well worth it. Rush Fees: First of all, we order every appraisal as a […]Read More

Why and How We Order Appraisals Immediately; Huge Monthly Expense

Heejin and I personally eat over $15,000 in appraisal fees every month. This is b/c we order every purchase appraisal as a rush as soon as we get a contract, […]Read More

Why “Rush” All Appraisals? 5 Day Contingencies; Value

At JVM we order every purchase appraisal as a “rush” and absorb the rush-fee ourselves. There are two reasons for this: (1) 5 Day Appraisal Contingencies: We typically get appraisals […]Read More