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What’s Balance Sheet Runoff? (You Need to Know); Highest Rates in 2024; Rental Income From Departing Residence; Can Agents Do Loans?

Today’s blog is a “random show” of short and unrelated (but interesting, I promise) snippets. Interest Rates Hit Peak for 2024 Rates are their highest level of the year and […]Read More

Turning Your Primary Residence into an Investment Property

Are you thinking about transforming your primary residence into an investment property? It's a smart financial move that can help you build wealth, but it's essential to navigate the process wisely.Read More

“Departing Residence” Rental Income – More Important Than Ever!

“Housing Crash In Austin!” Somebody posted that on Twitter last week, citing climbing inventory, price reductions, and fewer buyers. That same day, however, Heejin and I had dinner with a […]Read More

No Income Verification Loans: DSCR

I’ve mentioned this “horror story” a few times in my blogs. In 2005, I was at a Christmas party where a wholesale rep from SunTrust Bank was bragging about his […]Read More

Rent Payments & Rental Income To Qualify

Here is some important info about using rental payment history and rental income to qualify. GREAT NEWS: “DU” USES RENT PAYMENTS NOW On the good news front, Fannie Mae announced […]Read More

Airbnb/Vacation Rentals – Can Lenders Use Income? Are They Allowed?

When buyers purchase multiple-unit properties or single-family rentals, they can use future rents to help qualify for the purchase, as I mentioned in Friday’s blog. Multiple unit buyers can use […]Read More

Using Departing Residence Rents; Equity Cushion; Appraisal Issue

Many homebuyers want to buy a new home before selling their existing residence. And, in most cases those buyers need the rental income from their current residence to qualify for […]Read More

Using Rental Income From Departing Residence: Lease, Check, Deposit

We are seeing a lot of borrowers lately who want to buy a new home before they sell their current home. These borrowers, however, often cannot qualify for a new […]Read More

Using “Future Rents” to Qualify

This is a reminder that “Future Rents” can be used for income to help qualify for purchases. The “Rent” must be market rent, however; it cannot be over-inflated to augment […]Read More

Debt Ratios Too High? Buy House As Investment; Not As Occupant

We have borrowers with substantial down payment funds and limited income who cannot qualify for the home they would like to purchase b/c their debt ratios are too high. A […]Read More

Rental Income = 75% of Gross Rent (Again)

For years, Fannie Mae and most lenders allowed borrowers to use 75% of the actual rent on a lease agreement for “qualifying income” (as long as the rent did not […]Read More

Using Rental Income to Help Qualify for Purchase; Market Rent

Buyers can use future rents to help qualify for purchases whether they are buying single family or two, three or four unit properties. * Borrowers can use the market rents, […]Read More