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Found your Dream Home? 6 Tips to win a Real Estate Bidding War

While it may seem intimidating to face off with other homebuyers, there are strategies you can use to stand out in a bidding war.Read More

Why Homebuyers Need To Use A Real Estate Agent

When Homebuyers Represent Themselves In Real Estate Transactions – Bad Things Happen 😊 Many years ago when I was new to the business, I wrote a purchase contract for one […]Read More

Buyers Going Straight To Listing Agents – Does It Work?

On Monday, our Marketing Director (Lindsey) blogged about her Homebuying Hell and what she had to go through in her entry-level market. Every offer she made was at least 15% over the list price and she was still losing out. So, a mere 2% premium would have been laughable. This is the case in almost all of the markets in which we are currently lending.Read More

Five Most Important Things Every Real Estate Agent MUST DO to Crush It in 2018

27,000 Things Realtors MUST DO… There is literally an endless supply of lists of things every real estate agent “must do” to crush it in 2018. At last count, there […]Read More