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Deciphering Bullsh*t Rate Quotes

Unfortunate Inflation Update! We have been expecting a very positive inflation number on May 10th for months now for a variety of reasons, as set out by Barry Habib numerous […]Read More

Quoting Rates Honestly (Seems Obvious, But…)

We recently quoted an interest rate to a borrower in contract, but before we had a chance to lock the rate, rates improved by 1/8%. So naturally, we locked the […]Read More

5 Misleading Rate Quote Tricks!

We recently had a borrower come to us with a ridiculously low rate quote for a “no cost” loan from one of America’s largest mortgage banks. The borrower insisted it […]Read More

7 Dangers From Falling for “Rate Quotes”

Our borrowers come to us constantly with rate quotes from other lenders, and that is all well and good because our rates are very low and we love competition! What […]Read More

Factors That Affect A Borrower’s Rate

Borrowers often come to us after getting misleading rate quotes from large banks or online lenders. This is because the loan officers sometimes quote rates before obtaining all of the […]Read More

“Rate Quotes” Are Worthless Prior to Getting In Contract; Misleading

We recently lost a borrower to another lender after spending an enormous amount of time educating her (this happens in our industry, and we will be fine). The borrower was […]Read More