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Why I Was So WRONG About Rates; Why It Matters So Much

If you google “wrongness,” you’ll see a picture of me screaming “Rates will fall by March of ’23!” I am wrong a lot actually and am not afraid to admit it because it makes for great learning and blog fodder. For example, I was wrong about when rates will fall, and I was wrong when I said that the Fed would not raise rates again after its June pause.Read More

Insanely WRONG CATASTROPHIC Predictions

Surprisingly, I got more positive feedback from this recent blog, Insanely WRONG Predictions, than from almost any other I wrote this year. That prompted me to write another blog along […]Read More

Housing Market – Not All Rosy; Bumps & Volatility

TOO OPTIMISTIC ABOUT HOUSING? “Stick to mortgages, Jay!” I touted the strength of the housing market numerous times over the last several months, and both borrowers and agents told me […]Read More

Elephant In Room: Housing Prices; HELOCs Too

Chase stopped accepting applications for home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). I mentioned this previously, but in 2008, HELOC lenders not only stopped taking applications but they also froze existing HELOCs. […]Read More