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When Do Mortgage Pre-Approval Letters Expire?

There is a lot of work behind the scenes for a mortgage pre-approval when you are buying a home. While you, as a borrower, are just submitting an application and some financial documentation, loan officers are carefully reviewing your entire financial profile to ensure you qualify for a specific loan program. This includes a review of your income, assets, credit, and possibly more to determine the approved loan program, loan amount, and available interest rate.Read More

Pre-Qual Letter vs. Pre-Approval Letter; Difference, When & Why

TEXAS DISASTER CERTIFICATIONS This is a brief notice to all of our Texas clients that many lenders are now requiring a Disaster Certificate before they will fund a loan.  This […]Read More

Pre-Quals Vs. Pre-Approvals; Huge Difference!

PANICKED BORROWER ON VERGE OF LOSING DEPOSIT We had a borrower in contract come to us a few weeks ago in panic mode. The reason? He was on the verge […]Read More

Calling Listing Agents – We Do It Often; We Like To Do It; It Works

We got several borrowers into contract this week only after speaking with the listing agent at length. B/c we fully pre-underwrite and pre-approve every one of our borrowers, we know […]Read More

“Pre-Qualification” vs. “Pre-Approval;” No Mas “Big Banks”

A Realtor sent us a pre-qualification letter yesterday from another lender for one of our borrowers. The letter was shockingly vague and non-committal. It was written that way b/c the […]Read More