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Attention Nervous Homebuyers: Rates Likely to Fall! Dr. Lacy Hunt Explains

Even though rates are still lower than where they were in 2018 (and for much of the last 10 years), homebuyers are still often very upset that rates have climbed so much in recent months. We frequently remind readers that homebuyers stress too much about rates in any case because so few of them keep their loans as long as they think they will (usually less than 7 years).Read More

Lose Your Temper, Lose Your Business; Successful People Control Emotions – Always.

I lost my temper with a borrower last night … and I thought of my Dad, whose business empire fell apart largely b/c he couldn’t control his temper. He burned all of […]Read More

Most Repeated Tip From Top Achievers on Podcasts?

Heejin and I have been podcast junkies for years now, listening to dozens every week in every genre. One of the tips from top achievers we hear repeated most often […]Read More

Dr. Sarah Gottfried: Willpower Is Finite; Hot Saunas Extend Life

Dr. Sarah Gottfried is a Harvard educated MD and author who often tells a story about a visit to her Dr. when she was running for an hour every day, […]Read More

Real Estate = Relationships; Most Fail At Basic Steps

Heejin used to have a manager at her office who was exceptionally fit, athletic, handsome, energetic, interesting and charismatic. But, he could never maintain success in his endeavors b/c he […]Read More

“RomComs” vs. Podcasts; Podcasts Win!! Come On In…

Heejin and her daughter used to watch Romantic Comedies over and over. It was their bonding time. When they “forced” me to watch with them, I was shocked by the […]Read More

The Martian Hoax And Other Great Stories; The Memory Palace

Last night I heard about three guys who bought a rhesus monkey and chloroformed it to death.  They then shaved it, cut off its tail, painted it green, and left […]Read More

Scarcity Vs. Abundance Mindset; 10X Talk Podcast; Must Change Thinking

One of our favorite podcast episodes was recently re-posted on 10x Talk by Dan Sullivan. The podcast is titled “Scarcity vs. Abundance.” Dan Sullivan is a famous and very hard-nosed […]Read More

Great Body Language Podcast: Show Your Hands; Shake Hands

We once had a Realtor visit our office who was reluctant to shake hands, who kept his hands under the table, and who made very little eye-contact. He made us […]Read More

5 Closest Friends = Your Future; Can’t Outperform Inner Circle

My wife Heejin and I are voracious consumers of podcasts and books of every type, and one message repeats over and over: “You will never outperform your inner circle; if […]Read More