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Elon Speaks; Should We Care?

Elon Musk was on this recent All-In podcast – and he made a lot of waves with his comments. I listened to it simply because All-In is one of my favorite podcasts in general. And - I thought there was one comment in particular that was super interesting because it relates to the mortgage industry. Musk was explaining how Tesla is not just a car company, but many businesses rolled into one...Read More

The Power Of NEGATIVE Thinking; Not Giving Voice To Your Pain, e.g. Don’t Complain :)

AMAZING STORIES ILLUSTRATING THE POWER OF THOUGHT In 1986, Bill Buckner, a Major League Baseball superstar, let a grounder roll through his legs. This allowed the opposing team (the Mets) […]Read More

Luck vs. Talent; The Risk of Confusing the Two

One of my favorite podcasts is “How I Built This,” as I mention often. In the podcast, entrepreneurs tell their stories (often terrifying) of what it took to get their […]Read More

Mark Cuban: Share Success w/ Employees; Fear; Luck; and Selling

Mark Cuban is the sometimes obnoxious billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of the TV show Shark Tank. He made his fortune selling his dotcom company to Yahoo […]Read More

Awesome Thanksgiving Podcast About Wild Turkey

The most recent How I Built This Podcast was my favorite one yet. It featured Herb Kelleher, the founder of Southwest Airlines. A few takeaways: 1. He lives on cheese […]Read More

Boom Times: “Ego Is Your Enemy” More Than Ever

We have been riding another real estate and mortgage wave for a while now, and we are of course seeing egos surface more than ever too. Heejin and I have been in the industry for over 20 years, and have seen this pattern repeat over and over.Read More

Why Pursuing Your Passion For a Career Doesn’t Work; Create Passion

I had a friend who was passionate about golf, so he opened up a golf shop…and lost his shirt. I thought about him when I listened to a recent Tim […]Read More

Greece Defaults! …and Not Much Happened; Too Much Fear

James Altrucher is one of our favorite bloggers and podcasters: http://www.jamesaltucher.com/. He is an exceptionally honest and straight-forward entrepreneur/author/and hedge fund manager who touches on every imaginable subject. One of […]Read More

Great Business Podcast: 10x Talk; Gratitude/Appreciation Essential

We love podcasts (via iTunes) and listen to and recommend many, but there is one business podcast that we especially love: “10x Talk” with Dan Sullivan. It is called “10x […]Read More